The Biggest Procession of The World

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Millions of Muslims started the Hajj journey in Saudi Arabia during the Hajj days, which speaks to one of the biggest yearly human assemblies on the p..


Ammar Ibn Yasir RA A great Makkan Sahabi

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Ammar ibn Yasir was one of the early Sahabi who embraced Islam. His family had to face terribly cruel by the hands of the popular tribe of Mecca known..


One of the devoted Sahabi of Madinah

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Amr bin Thabit (RA) commonly known as “Uhayrim” was from Madinah. In the early, he was continued to oppose the new faith “Islam” in Madinah wh..


Some popular Mosques in Jeddah Saudi Arabia

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Jeddah is one of the most beautiful cities in Saudi Arabia. For Muslims, city has great worth because of having some of the wonderful mosques. Mosque..


Hajj and Umrah Packages from the UK

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About twenty-three years, Allah’s Last Messenger Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) speaks and delivers the message of Allah. After handover all belongings to s..


Different kinds of Tawaf e Kaaba

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Tawaf is the most important rite of Pilgrimage either Hajj or Umrah. It cannot proceed unless pilgrims wear the Ihram. Ihram is actually a particular ..


Advice To Umar And Ali (ra) For The Salvation Of Muslim Ummah

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In fact, Umar and Ali both were the most beloved and very close to the Prophet of God as they had immense contribution regarding the dominance of Isla..


Taqiyyah in Islam

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The literal meanings of Taqiyyah are the safeguard, defend or saving a life in the state of fear. However, in common words, telling a lie outwardly bu..


Islam is compassionate with animals

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Islam is the sign of love with all the creatures on the earth. In it, all the kids have their own rights excepting some banned like pig and others whi..


Items You Should Take with You during Ramadan Umrah

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The Ramadan Umrah requires to be treated with as much reverence and keenness as the Hajj journey in the Islamic month of Zill Hajj. The month of Ramad..