Banu Amir Tribe of early Nejd in Arab

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Banu Amir was a large tribe of Arab Peninsula which was extending from central and southwestern Arabia that occupied Nejd for centuries after the rise..


Footprints of Ibrahim AS in The Holy Kaabah

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No doubt, the holy Kaabah was constructed by the Prophet Ibrahim (AS) to fulfill the Divine\'s order. So, during the construction, he was standing on ..


Who Are Job Consultants and Why Recruitment Agencies Trending in Singa..

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Job Consultants are the professionals or specialists in a particular field with adequate knowledge of that particular field. Future in Consulting has ..


Awareness about Umrah rituals

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Though Umrah is non-obligatory Ibadah which is performed by those pilgrims who are financially and physically proficient. The Messenger of God said th..


4 Main Reasons Why People Love To Work In Singapore

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We are among the top recruitment agencies and consultancies in Singapore which offer you the best staffing and employment services.


Hujjat Al-Wida or Farewell Pilgrimage

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Prophet Muhammad (SAW) performed one Hajj in his life along with forth Umrah in the 10th Hijri or year 632 CE. After completing the final Hajj, Angel ..


Job Recruitment And Staffing Services In Singapore

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We are the top consultancy in Singapore which provides the best recruitment service to the job seekers and best staffing service to employers.


Best Job Recruitment And Staffing Agency In Singapore

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As we all know that in a developed country like Singapore, number of job aspirants both local and outsiders are increasing day by day, thus, hiring an..


5 Star VIP Hajj Packages by Islamic Travel

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Our Hajj Packages are better than anyone might have expected. At British hajj travel, we take recommendations from our regarded customers and refresh ..


Best job recruitment and hunting website online in Singapore

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We are the best job recruitment and hunting website online in Singapore responsible for providing the best business solution to a variety of companies..